Mobile Device Management

I’d love to hear what others have experienced, are using, the good, the bad, and any recommendations people have as well as pricing structures that they’ve seen.

What we’ve seen:

I’ve requested Demos from Mobile Iron and Good Technologies, I’ve seen articles discussing them first. For each of these companies i was sent an email link to a web demo of their products which I did view. There was never any follow-up or any place that I could see anyway where I could download a Trial version of their products to check out.

I then stopped looking at MDM for a while until someone suggested Zenprise for Mobile Device Management that they were using. I was able to very easily download a trial and play around with it for 30 days. It was pretty similar to what I heard and saw from Mobile Iron and Good Technologies. The User interface for managing Devices took a little bit of getting used to, but seemed to get the job done.

Then I saw an advertisement and a recommendation for MaaS360 from Fiberlink on the Spiceworks (Best and most Affordable Helpdesk and Inventory Software on the market today)  site. Again, I was able to very easily download a Trial to check out. Their sales team followed up with me to see if I needed any help in setup or would like to check out a Web Demo, but they were anything but pushy, very helpful and informative. Their software was very easy to push out, the management console was very User Friendly, I really like the look of the UI. They did require 1 additional step setting up a certificate with Apple, but they helped me set this up and did most of the work for me, no charge for this BTW.

Of the Products I looked at and tested, I like MaaS360 the best. Here are some of the things we did and liked:

  • Enforced a policy requiring the user to use a 4 digit passcode on their device. They can change it to be more secure, but not less, so they can use a 5 digit code, but not 3. This applies to any policy that you roll out, the user can make it more secure, but not something less secure. Email, if you set the policy to go back 2 weeks for mail, they can change it to 1 week, but not more than the 2 weeks you set.
  • We were able to configure WiFi and VPN, as well as Exchange email accounts so the only thing the user needed to input was their Email password, the policy was able to take the email account from the account they signed in by that was linked to Active Sync. VPN only asked for their user name and password since we dont’ have this going through Active Directory. All this automation makes sending these policies to an end-user very easy on their end, making for a very pleasant experience.
  • Apps were able to be linked to groups of devices (all Ipad devices, all Iphones, etc..) It took awhile, but I did figure out how to set up groups for devices (only Board members with Ipads) to use to send out Apps only to them that we had purchased through the Apple Business dept. for pre-purchasing apps in quantity. The only thing I would like to see changed on this is that when you install an app through their “Apps” App, it will prompt for both the Apple User ID and Password every time, compared to Apple App Store, that only prompts for password, keeping the User ID in memory, and will not prompt for that if you purchase or download multiple apps within a given time frame.

The pricing was best for MaaS360 per device, so I think we’re probably going to go with them, but am still looking for suggestions or feedback from others so we can make the best informed decision that we can.

Please leave some feedback or your experiences, I’d love to hear what others are going through.


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