Iphone / Ipad Apps – Recommended

Ongoing List of Apps I like and use most often

  • Dropbox: Free – Great for syncing files and pictures on all your computers/devices
  • Desktop Connect:$14.99 – I like this for RDP and VNC connections from my Ipad, also scans your network and lists visible devices you can connect to.
  • Net- Portal:$2.99 – Need to access a shared file on your network, use this to do exactly that, setup shortcuts and credentials to get to secure locations.
  • Print Bureau:$14.99 – A nice alternative to Apples’ AirPrint, lets you print to any printer connected to your network, able to take advantage of “Open in” command from I-Device, setup printer names in appropriate places to view Printer names instead of IP Addresses.
  • TeamViewer:Free – good for remote control/viewing of remote computers like your home pc, also allows you to use file transfer. Free for personal use as long as you “agree” to terms that you are using it for that purpose. Need to install client version on all pc’s you wish to access.
  • Keeper:Free – Password manager of choice at the moment, let’s you store all those logins and passwords you use (and us in IT are known for alot of those), paid version lets you backup and restore that list.
  • Genius Scan:Free – lets you take a picture and save as pdf format to upload to dropbox or email to others, Plus version has additional features.
  • SpringPad:Free – Note Pad alternative, lets you take notes, add photos, video, audio, and sync to a free online account to access via your pc as well.
  • Tacts:Free – allows you to create custom groups to send mass texts/emails to people all at once.
  • SugarSync: Free for 5GB space – similiar to Dropbox, but each pc you install on, lets you customize which folders/documents you want to share out, you can then access all pc’s via I-Device
  • QuickOffice:$14.99 I think – lets you edit, create, save word,excel files and view and play powerpoint files as pdf images. Lets you access google docs, dropbox, sugarsync and other services, open files from there, make changes and save right back to those locations.
  • Firefox Home: Free – Install on your pc, then syncs open tabs and bookmarks from Firefox in your Safari browser on your IDevice.
  • iFree: Free – Listing of up to date Free Apps that just became free. This app is constantly updating throughout the day. Also has a “What’s Hot” Tab, and Categories to browse through.
  • Conference Pad: $4.99 – Install on multiple Ipad’s / Iphones and be able to control what’s being shown on one, the rest see what you do on your device, works well on PDF files and powerpoing, Great Presentation tool for Manager meetings and Board Meetings
  • Noteshelf: $4.99 for Ipad – Great tool for note taking, works well if you have a stylus, you can change pen colors and tip sizes, has hiliters, bookshelf to hold all notes, you can change the design and color of your note books, rename them, has various templates for todo’s, tasks, even sports and business templates. Ability to purchase more templates at $.99 per set. Best note taking app i’ve seen so far. Easy to use and learn.
  • lAssistant: Free – Works on Iphone & Ipad, frees up memory, shows network speed and other stats

2 Responses to Iphone / Ipad Apps – Recommended

  1. Nice set of applications you use. I have to say, after reading this listing I had to go out and get all these applications installed on my iPad 2. Anxious to check out the ‘Desktop Connect’ feature as I was using ‘Tap RDP’, another great RDP application.

  2. I took a look on the app store for NetPortal and saw that the company has a new app called FileBrowser. It is $2 more than NetPortal, but it is a universal app, and thus will work on both the iPhone and the iPad. Not convinced that opening my work network up to this makes sense, but maybe my home network. Nice app list, though, and thanks for sharing it!

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